Review: Lioele The Dollish Pearl Eye Liner

Hello! (`・ω・´)”

Today I'll be reviewing a Lioele product: their pearl liner which I use daily.

The brush it comes with is versatile. It's flatter so you can apply it over a wider area of skin or you can turn it a bit and draw precise lines. The bottle a bit is worn from time and use, but there's still a lot of liner left!

I bought it from Lioele Texas in Houston, at the beginning of this school year, I think, so I've lost the cool triangular prism package it came in. The Lioele store treated me super nice, the person who worked there answered all my questions and recommended me a lot of products, and she gave me a lot of samples too. 

From the Lioele Texas website: 
  • Lioele Dollish Pearl Eyeliner is waterproof and liquid-substance proof such as sweat and sebum. It is long lasting so you wont have to re-apply in the day time. You can use it on top of your eye makeup or alone!

The bottle is about the height of your handspan and it's very travel friendly.

The color itself is a very 'white-white' not really pearl. It withstood the water test I subjected to, which was putting my hand under the tap for about 10 seconds. Here I put it to next to my Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner and my Heroine liquid liner. 


After: (there are some light patches but otherwise, pretty good.)

Here is the official how-to by Lioele.

This is how I apply it:

This is my only full-face photo with me wearing it, sorry. It gives my eyes a subtle shine but its still very 'cute' looking. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Price: $13.99. Not cheap, but you do get a lot of product. I've used less than 1/5 of the bottle I think. 

Packaging & Design: I don't have the package anymore, but it came in a cool shiny rectangular prism. The handle's long enough to hold comfortably as you're drawing, and the slimness makes it easy to fit inside any bag. 

Effectiveness: It's really easy change how opaque it is to have a natural brightness and look more awake or to make it glamorous. It is water-resistant.

Cons: It always wears out at the end of the schoolday unlike the claims and it's not water-proof, as you will pick up glitter when it's wet. 

Overall: 7.5/10 I would have to try other glitter eyeliners to tell if this is the best, but it's definitely a good product. I would repurchase it but I don't think I would have to for at least another year.

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