Review: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Base

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I've been behind cross-posting from my tumblr to here, but I'll try to get better at it. ;; 

Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base 01 Green

From the back: 
This makeup base provides a soft refreshing and radiant skin base with no sense of tightening. It also comes in shade 02 Violet, for those with dull yellowish skin. 
Green was perfect for me since it's supposed to cover up skin that's prone to redness and acne. The official website says it's suitable for all skin types but suggests it for those with normal skin.

I don't have to put much pressure on the tube to get the product out because it's so watery, but this also causes it to flow into the cap when right-side up. It feels like a thick but spreadable moisturizer, almost like glue. It smells like a mixture of baby powder and flour which goes away as you apply it.

 Now for the test.

My skin looks darker and redder due to the cloudy weather but I guess those conditions were perfect to show how the base works. 

I accidentally applied a lot more than I needed, you'll see how evident this is in a bit.|−・;)

See now there's a greenish cast, but this won't happen to you if you're not a dummy like me. But still, an amazing difference right? 

Price: $5 for 40ml at The Face Shop in Houston. The cheapness is of the reasons I got it actually. 

Packaging: It didn't come in a box, only a plastic sleeve. The tube itself bendable metal. The design is cute, simple, and works well with the silver color. 

Effectiveness: The areas around my nose definitely become less red and my BB cream goes on smoother. It doesn't mention oil-control, so I won't talk about that. 

Cons: More than slight pressure will cause it to spill out of the tube. This factor works well with the metal (since you don't want to squeeze that) but makes the hollow in the cap a not-so-great design choice.

Overall: 9/10
I have my eye on the Baby Choux Base, but if that doesn't work out, this is definitely a repurchase. (*´・v・)

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  1. Please I wild like to know if it good for oily skin!!!