Review: The Face Shop Clay Nose Pack

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It was quite rainy today so I don't think I'll be able to take photos of anything, but I at least have photos of The Face Shop's New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Nosepack from yesterday.

The back with the directions: 
Apply an even layer on nose area. Leave 10-15 minutes or until it gets completely dry.

The texture is quite sticky and stretchy, almost like gum. It smells of salicylic acid so if I didn't know beforehand, I would think it was an acne product.

Stretch stretch. ∩( ・ω・)∩ Once you apply it on your face it doesn't come away in strands like this though.

I recommend laying it on thickly in an area with one swipe and doing quick strokes for clean application. Here's an example below.

Here it is spread more thinly, but it won't peel anything off if you do it like this.

After I used it on my nose, cheek, and forehead area. It’s dried and become flaky. I won’t zoom in because that’s gross but there was a loooooot of blackheads on the one I used on my cheek. The other areas were ok.

Price: I can't remember how much I bought it for at The Face Shop in Houston. It's probably between $8-13 so it's not that cheap. On a previous trip I bought the Nose and Gel Packet but this is more useful because I can also apply this on my chin, cheek area, and between my eyebrows, which are all prone to whiteheads.

Packaging: It came wrapped up in plastic, but the tube itself is nicely designed. There's a lot of words but it doesn't feel cluttered. The soft blue fits in with the natural aesthetic quite well I think.

Effectiveness: It didn't take much off my nose, but the only product that does well at that is the cheap Biore and Maya brands I bought in Vietnam. However, how well it did on my cheek really surprised me. I think it just takes trial and error.

Cons: I don't know if its stickiness is a pro or con because that's what it's supposed to do but you will have some product sticking to your hand no matter what. It does become unsticky with water, but you'll need a towel or something to wipe your fingers off though.

Overall: 7/10
But I would probably buy it again because of how versatile it is.

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