Review: Skin Food Vita Water Drop CC Cream

Hello~! (๑╹っ╹๑)

Since I go out pretty much every day now that I'm in Vietnam, I can't really sit around and test individual products. But because it was requested, here is a quick review of Skin Food's CC cream.

It's been in my makeup bag for about a week before I took the photos, so that's why some of the words have worn off. 

The Vita Waterdrop CC Cream does come in two designs but otherwise there's no difference between D1 and D2. I asked about that when I bought from a Skin Food store in Myeongdong. The price was 12,000won or about $10.80 for 30g.

I only need to put slight pressure on the pump since the formula is one of the runnier (but still creamy) ones I've used. The color is a light peach and out of the tube has a very...earthy scent. Almost like rainwater on grass, to put it romantically. You can't smell it once you put it on face though, but oddly enough the scent did change once applied on my hand. It became very soft and feminine: floral with a bit of citrus.

The coverage is pretty sheer. I tested it on this one dark spot on my face and it didn't cover that up, but it does even out my skintone after it oxidized. It has one of the only dewy finishes I like since the glow is so natural.

I don't think it has much if any oil-control. I have to use blotting sheets after about 2-2.5 hours, but this is with extremely oily skin and no air conditioning. So if you have less volatile skin and better circumstances, you could probably multiply the hours by 2 or 3 times. But it did go well onto the dry spots on my nose. I applied it onto my neck and there were still traces of it left after 12 hours.

Here is some lip tint that I left on my hand + the CC cream.

These swatch photos were taken outside so the shine is a lot more exaggerated. The CC cream left pink undertones which took a fair bit of time to go away.

  • Light-weight, not greasy 
  • Evens out my skintone 
  • Non-distracting scent 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Easy to spread and apply to face
  • Didn't break me out 
  • Takes longer than most products to oxidize 
  • Only comes in one shade so may not work for darker skin 
  • Sheer coverage, didn't cover most of the red on my hand 
  • Not great for those with oily skin 
  • Need to be super careful with the pump 
I do find myself reaching for this often because I like the glow and feel of 'nothing' on my skin. For me it's enough, but I wouldn't recommend it to those who have more than uneven skin tone to cover. 

So has anyone else tried this CC cream? If so, please leave me your thoughts~ (*´・v・)

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  1. Hello. Thanks for reviewing.
    I tried using this sample product but Idk why but the scent is a bit weird for me. However, it is easy to blend.