Haul: Cosmetics from Seoul (So Far)

Hello~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Last time I posted, it was announcing my trip to Korea. Some health issues have popped up which is the reason for the distinct lack of blog posts and also photos of my trip. (⊙﹏⊙✿) However, I have been to Myeongdong and around Itaewon for shopping at least. 

These photos are only what I have so far though! Since then I've picked some things and I'm in pursuit of others (Etude's Baby Choux bases have been sold out everywhere...) but it's going to be hectic in a few days so I'd rather show you guys sooner than later. 

Also, I'll be flying to Vietnam on the 28th~ Hopefully, once rested while there, I'll be able to get some reviews knocked out before the week ends. 


Etude House

1+1 Event!! Might pick up a few more for the future ohoho~ 


1+1 Event!! Polishes my mom wanted

Holika Holika

Moisturizer for a cousin, my favorite BB cream, and a cute spray.

Another 1+1!! 

I realized I forgot these two ;;

Tony Moly

Egg Pore Line



1+1 Sunblock

It's Skin

Totally got these just for the design (๑・ω-)~♥”

Shara Shara

They were having a 30-50% sale ;;

What my mom got~

And buying Korean cosmetics wouldn't be complete without: 


Forgot to mention they also gave me a lot of CC cream samples too!

Shara Shara did indeed give me full size products and a makeup tote that cost more than the one I bought uwu

Not pictured are the some more products I bought from Tony Moly and Nature Republic.

So I hope you've enjoyed looking through the photos, feel free to ask me any questions you have and share your thoughts~

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  1. Omg Penelope that's such a large haul!!! How much did you spend for those makeup products alone haha xD I want the étude cc cream in silky OwO haha I will be waiting for your review then ^^ the étude house lashes are cute. And shara shara products *___* you got so many samples too! /dying from jealousy haha jk have fun and have a safe trip to Vietnam ^^