Review: Tony Moly Aqua Aqua Moisturizing BB Cream

Hello! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

What I'm reviewing today is actually the first BB Cream I ever got. I bought it from the Tony Moly store in Itaewon last year, in a set with with the Red Apple Lip Tint. I seldom use it though, for two main reasons: it's not actually for oily skin (though I didn't know at the time), and my mom loved it so much she took it for herself. (¬д¬。)

It comes in a frosted glass bottle and two shades: Pink Beige and Natural Beige. This one is #02 Natural Beige. It also includes a seperate round spatula to scoop out the product, so that solves the hygiene problem. I think I bought it for $13-14, which is a really good deal for having come with the lip tint. I would show the set photo I took last year but my other SD card has gone missing...

The description from the box:
  • Tightly covering moisture in the skin, this BB Cream keeps skin moist and radiant for a long time!
Other descriptions I've found include:
  • Aqua Aura Moisture BB Cream is a moisturising BB Cream that is designed to tightly retain moisture in the skin, keeping the skin moist and radiant for a long time!
  • Features:
    • Moisturising/Moisture Retention BB Cream
    • UV Sun protection (SPF30 / PA++)
    • Protect against Dry Skin and dry environment

Looking inside the jar, you might assume it's goopy, but it's much thinner on the skin. The texture is great; it's easy to spread without being sticky or too runny.

Usually I don't like dewier finishes, but this one's is really lovely. It did brighten my skin like it promised though it's darker than my skintone. It being darker is weird because Tony Moly's employee did help me pick it out. But then again, I might have gotten lighter since last year. My skin began feeling greasy after 2 hours. 

Next up is the swatches and where I'll talk about it weak points.

Before #1: 

After #2:
 (I missed some spots blending so I did another test...) 

Before #2: 

 After #2:
(I spread it all over my hand in this shot.)

As you see, it didn't really blend at the edges with my skin, especially on the lighter portions of my wrist. But it does add a liveliness and natural glow, no gray cast. It covered some redness and blue veins, though not all. The coverage is therefore light to medium. 

Overall: 7.5/10
So I'm trying to base it from a point of view of its target demographic and with my mom's opinion thrown in, so please bare with me. ;; #02 Natural Beige would be great product for those with very dry and darker skin, but I wouldn't recommending rushing to buy it before you see if the color will change to match you. This obviously was not meant for mine, though it did a better job oxidizing on my face. I wouldn't buy it again, but my mom would~

(Oh btw those who read my hair dye post, you can see the update of the color here. ^^) 


  1. I never read a review for this bb cream before. Really interesting, thanks!

  2. I'm really fond of these jelly watery type bb cream, but I've never seen this one before. looks similar to the Holika Holika jelly one, I like. ^^ thanks for the review!

  3. The jar looks really nice but the shade it looks darker than your skin tone D: aww too bad it's not for oily skin >< but thank you for the review ^^