Review: Etude House Missing U Hand Cream: I Can Fly! #02 Sunny Sunny Apple

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First of all, apologies for almost 2-week long absence and the short review; I do have a long ~though more clothing-related~ one coming up! Exams and my new project 365 Translations (which is a fanblog for the Vietnamese 365daband, please follow if you're interested in the boys or V-pop ♥) have kept me quite busy. Extremely good news is that I've reached over a combined 50 followers on my Tumblr and blogger so thank you all for the support. (´;ω;`) Let let's get started!

The I Can Fly~ line of Etude Missing U Hand Creams come in 4 scents: #1 Eagle Owl Cherry, #2 Kakapo Apple, #3 Eastern Grass Owl Peach, and #4 Bluebird Cotton Candy. By buying one, you contribute to the protection of these birds.

The sweet Trang of rosybeauty on Tumblr sent me this little guy a few weeks ago. A description on the side provides you with his name, story, directions and ingredients in Korean and English.
  • Formulated with Shea Butter and Herb Water rich in certified organic nutrients, this eco-friendly hand cream not only moisturizes dry hands, but also helps to save our endangered-flying birds.
  • 4-Free Formula: No Parabens, Sulfate, Ethanol, Mineral Oil

Story of Kakapo:
  • Hi! I'm Kakapo, the longest living bird on earth! Although I can't fly, I'm a great night parrot endemic to New Zealand. People love me and my Kakapo friend so much that they hunt and take us as their pets. As a result, we are now in danger of extinction with only 121 of us now. Please help us to be friends with you for a long time!
;; But here is Kakapo outside his paper home:

Etude has been very meticulous with their packaging this time. Though we can't confirm just how organic the moisturizer is, the house-like box is 100% recycled and printed with soy ink, the tab in the back for opening it is in the shape of a bird, and the aesthetics are clean-cut and united.

Finally to the actual product: the cream is a light green inside the jar but is not opaque and leaves no color on your skin. It's not runny like regular lotions or thick-feeling. My skin absorbs it quickly and even then only my palms feel sticky at beginning. 

Its scent is, in my opinion, too sweet to mistake it with 'real' apples, but its freshness keeps it from smelling artificial. Once in a while you might catch it smelling like normal lotion.

After about 10-20 minutes the smell goes away and my hands are left feeling moisturized and even softer than usual. (◡‿◡✿)

Overall: 7.5/10
The only con I think off is there's actually not a lot product, about 30 ml, so I only use a tiny bit a time. But these birds are so cute and my skin and nose would like to try the other kinds available!

Have you tried any of Missing U creams? Which one is your favorite?

 Bonus photo of Kakapo eyeing his body ^^

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